Kids get just as dirty as adults, if not dirties. Most likely because they tend to play with reckless abandon, jumping in mud puddles and sliding through the grass with little care as to how messy it will make their clothes (and bodies).

Kids can also be fickle. Their likes and dislikes change as quickly, or even more frequently, than their bodies develop. Rather than dump a ton of money into designing a bathroom they’ll love for just a short amount of time, use the following tips to make the bathroom functional and fun without breaking the bank. 

1. Motion-Activated Toilet Night-Light

This might be one that helps everyone in your life. Because let’s be honest, men both big and small sometimes have trouble with their aim…especially in the middle of the night. A motion-activated toilet night-light can attach to the inside of the toilet lid, slighting as the toilet lid is raised, helping those in need aim true.

2. Add Under-Cabinet Lighting with a Rope Light

Another simple way to add some extra safety and guidance in the middle of the night is with under-cabinet lighting. Rather than undergoing a massive installation process, a rope light can easily be tacked in place.

3. Make Soap Fun

Having trouble getting your little ones to wash their hands? Take a clear bottle of liquid dish soap and pop a few Lego bricks inside.

4. Use a Shower Curtain with a Fun Figure

Tired of mold collecting on your shower curtains because they’re never extended and allowed to dry? Replace the shower curtain with one that has a fun figure on the front. Your kids will make it a point of stretching that baby out so it can dry.

5. A Step Drawer

Don’t want a step stool in the bathroom that you’re likely to trip over, but also want your kids to be able to reach the sink? A step drawer installed beneath the sink can give them the extra height they need to reach the basin, without taking up precious space.

6. Dinosaur Toy Toilet Paper Roll

Not sure where to put an extra roll of toilet paper? Put that dinosaur toy to good use, but stashing an extra roll of toilet paper on it. Place it on the back of the toilet and suddenly you have some functional decoration your kids will love.
< h2>7. An Adjustable Showerhead

Are your kids are old enough to shower on their own, if only the showerhead was low enough for them to manage? Move it! Letting them bathe themselves helps them build independence and takes an extra task off your to-do list. Adjustable showerheads with suction cup attachments can be easily added to the shower so that you can place the spray at the appropriate height.

8. Give the Cabinets Some Intrigue with Themed Knobs

Don’t want to replace the cabinets, but want to make them a little ‘fun’? Try themed knobs. Mermaid knobs are always a nice touch. You can find them in a variety of colors, like these pink ones. Toy cars can be another snazzy addition. Just be careful your little one doesn’t try and pull them off to play with.

9. Hanging Letters

Want to give the wall some pop, while also delivering an inspirational message? Try using DIY letters to spell out something fun. To help the letters do double duty, you may consider adding a hook to a few of the lower letters. These can act as a great place to hang towels.

10. Inspirational Wall Messages

Not into the DIY letters? You could always hang an inspirational message. Look for items that incorporate some of your child’s favorite characters – such as Superman or Cinderella. This helps increase the excitement about the space.

11. New Wall Color

Last, but certainly not least, consider updating the wall color in the bathroom. You could repaint the entire bathroom or just one accent wall. The trick is to invite your kid to pick out the color with you. Depending on your child’s age, you may provide them with a few choices or take them to the store to pressure a wider range. This will help them feel a sense of ownership over the space, encouraging them to take care of the bathroom and pick up after themselves.

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