bachelorette party

So, your bestie is getting married. The big day is just around the corner. And, it is time for the bachelorette party. But, are you going to have everything on hand that you need?

These 11 must-haves will help you outfit the bathroom with the necessities you need to make the night a success – for everyone!

  1. Bride Tribe Temporary Tattoos (because they’re amazing. clearly)
  2. Mouth Wash & Mint (banish funky breath)
  3. Hairspray (because sometimes you need a touchup on the do)
  4. Hair Bands & Bobby Pins (sometimes a girl just needs to pull her hair back)
  5. Band-Aids (because blisters should never keep a girl from heals)
  6. Lip Balm
  7. Double-Sided Sticky Tape (for holding that itsy-bitsy dress in place)
  8. Face Wash (dance and get sweaty without worrying about a breakout)
  9. Ibuprofen (for those morning headaches)
  10. Vitamin C Packets (replenishing your vitamins is key)
  11. Mini Vodka Bottles (hair of the dog. obviously.)

Additional Items to Have on Hand

  • Extra towels in case someone needs to bathe
  • Disposable camera. Yes, everyone has a smartphone. But there’s something irrationally fun about shooting now and developing later!
  • Extra sweats. Sometimes one (or all) of the gals are going to need to crash with you. Having a pair of sweats for them to borrow will make you the most clutch hostess ever.
  • Carbs. Think bagels, scones, and cinnamon rolls. After bachelorette style drinking, carbs are always nice.
  • And greasy food. Even if this is just frozen sausage and frozen fries that you stick in the oven. Everyone will LOVE you for having this on hand.
  • Plastic cups are another nice thing to have one hand, especially as the night keeps rolling and the drinks keep flowing. Unless of course, you’re planning to replace your glassware soon.

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