11 Small Space Bathroom Storage Solutions

In today’s uber competitive housing market, space is at a premium. This especially true in the Seattle area where homes for sale are getting purchased so quickly it is hard to even make a bid.

With space being such a luxury, you want to maximize every square inch you have. In the bathroom there are so many little odds and ends such as shampoo, hair dryers, toilet paper, hairbrushes, and makeup. All these small necessities take up room. And, if you don’t have a designated place to store them, they cause clutter.

To take control of your bathroom and eliminate the mess, sometimes you need to get a little creative. We want to help you get a handle on your bathroom storage, so we have rounded up our 11 favorite small space bathroom storage solutions. 


Over the Sink Shelf

You are not just paying for where you stand. You are also paying for the space overhead, long the walls, and above the sink. Take advantage of it! Mount a shelf over your sink. Then artfully arrange some of your everyday items on it. Not only will this make accessing them easy, it will give them a designated home.


Utilize a Hanging Spice Rack

Love how your kitchen spice rack keeps all your small extras in order? Put that same principle to use in your bathroom. A spice rack can be a great way to organize small items, like makeup.


Add a Hook to the Inside of Your Cabinet Door

Hair dryers are such useful tools. Unfortunately, they are big and clunky. Their cords are often long and unwieldy. Finding a place to store them can be difficult. Hang a hook on the inside of your cabinet door and use it to hold your hair dryer. This will get your hair dryer out of your drawers and off of your vanity.


Over the Door Shelf

Like the shelf over your sink, a shelf over your door will allow you to take advantage of all that “air space” you are paying to maintain. Use this space to store items you don’t use very often, such as extra towels, toilet paper, and curlers.


Expandable Adjustable Shelves

The space under your sink can be hard to utilize because of the drainpipe. It gets in the way of traditional shelves. However, an adjustable shelving unit allows you to space the breaks so you can accommodate the pipe without sacrificing space.


Corner Shelves

Have a pedestal sink? Not sure you want the look of adjustable shelves to be your everyday experience? IKEA carries small corner shelving units perfect for nesting around a pedestal sink. In a natural wood finish, they are as beautiful as they are functional.


Place a Narrow Cabinet Beside the Toilet

The space between the toilet and wall often gets overlooked. However, it can typically fit a narrow cabinet. These space-friendly additions come in attractive finishes and a variety of designs, including a pull out drawer. This allows you to take advantage of the entire space.


Your Toilet Top

Another “toilet area” often overlooked is the back of the toilet. Place a long, narrow basket on the back of the toilet. Use it to organize toiletries or reading material. Alternatively, you could mount a shelving unit over the toilet for even more storage.


Lazy Susan

Seeing what you have is half the battle. A Lazy Susan allows you to coral multiple items in one place while still enjoying the ability to see each of them with a simple twist.


Tiered Hanging Baskets

We have recommended a lot of shelf hanging. This is similar, except that you don’t need to take up wall space. Tiered hanging baskets can be hung from the ceiling. Use them to hold everything from nail polish and hairbrushes to bath toys and hand lotion.


Over the Door Racks

If you find your bathroom is so short on space you don’t even have room to hang up your towel, don’t worry. You can utilize the back of your bathroom door. An over the door rack is easy to install. Simply hang it over your door. Or, you could use individual over the door hooks. Both are affordable options that don’t require any hammering.


In need of some additional storage tips?