While Valentine’s Day is nice, Galentine’s Day is the stuff dreams are really made of — a (relatively new) holiday that’s all about celebrating the joy of female friendship. It began as fiction, first mentioned in a 2010 Parks and Recreation episode. But in the years since, it’s been so embraced by women throughout America that February 13th has grown into an essential event. And…we’re here for it.

In its original conception, it was a micro-holiday when women would ditch their husbands, wives, and boyfriends to spend some much-needed time bonding with their friends. It was a day or an evening when tribes would celebrate being together and women would toast to all things female.

And, thankfully, Hallmark hasn’t run away with it yet. That being said, there’s nothing quite like a good gift to mark a special occasion. And rather than blow a wad of cash on a fancy dinner that will likely be underwhelming on February 14th, how about splurge on a little something-something to show the important women in your life how much you care?

The following gifts won’t break the bank, but they will encourage the women in your life to smile a little bigger and perhaps pamper themselves a little more.

Pazitive Stem Vases

These tall ceramic stem vases a simple, elegant, and full of cheer. Each one features a positive saying (which has been fondly dubbed “pazitive”).

Funny Stuffy

What woman in your life doesn’t love something soft and cuddle? The correct answer is – no one! Which is good news for you! Go ahead and get everyone a stuffed animal that will make them laugh. For the corgi lover, a corgi butt pillow is just the thing. Have someone who likes to send you poop emojis? This poop shaped emoticon is just for them. There are stuffed animals for avocado lovers and donuts. If you can think of it, it’s probably out there on Amazon.

Mini Air Plant Holder and Air Plant

Air plants offer both beauty and health benefits for us all — infusing our homes with a bit of living goodness that naturally cleans our air without taking a lot of time to manage. These elegant geometric air plant folders are the perfect solution to hold a fun air plant for your gal pals.

Leather Tassel Charging Cable

Is your galentine always looking to give her phone a bit of extra juice, but can never find her charging cable? She’s not alone. A lot of us misplace our charging cables. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Hook her up with this fun changing cable that’s pretty enough to live permanently on her keychain.

Rose Gold Flask

Does your galentine like to bring her spirits with her? This rose gold flask offers a classy travel solution.

“You’re My Favorite” Mug

Give your galentine a daily reminder of how much she means to you. This generously proportioned coffee mug is the fun-loving way for her to get her mid-morning pick-me-up in style.

Funny Toilet Paper

Want to make your galentine laugh? This funny toilet paper is the gift that keeps on wiping…until it’s gone.

Doodle Pillowcase

Does one of your gal pals love to color? Coloring can be a good mental release and encourage creativity. This fun doodle pillowcase lets them get creative while they cuddle. Plus, it comes with a set of 12 doodle color pens so they can be as artsy as they want!

Capri Blue Burnished Candle

These beautiful candles come in iconic vessels are available in a classy volcano (gold) or lagoon (rose gold) finish, for a beautiful table topper that looks as good as it smells.

Pies, Fries, and Ice Cream Coloring Book

Another fun gift for the coloring-enthusiast in your life. This fun book is a proven stress reliever and is loaded with images of mouthwatering food.

Temporary Tattoos

Relive your younger days with a bit of wild, temporary flare. Get a set of these fun terra tattoos to share with your girls before hitting the town. The henna-inspired symbols come in gold and silver, perfect for matching nearly every outfit.

Of course, Galentine’s Day is another perfect excuse to stay home and spoil yourself with a spa-day. Discover how to easily and affordably turn your bathroom into an at-home spa.