Looking for ways to maximize your space? One of the best ways to maximize space is when each item in your home serves more than one purpose. The following suggestions let you use common bathroom products in a variety of ways you may never have even considered. 


  • Remove excess hair from a brush by running the comb through the built-up strands.
  • Create wavy frosting textures by running a clean comb lightly over a freshly frosted cake.

Dental Floss

  • Cut cheesecake perfectly with a length of unflavored, unwaxed dental floss.
  • Create a DIY fishing line.
  • Replace the broken wire on a picture frame so you can hang it on the wall.

Antacid Tablets

  • Clean the bottom of a narrow vase by dropping an antacid tablet in the bottom and filling it with warm water. Wait 20 minutes, then rinse clean.

Toilet Paper Rolls

  • Need some extra packing material? Hold onto your spent toilet paper rolls. They can be used as extra filling in a big box.

Baby Oil

  • Untangle a knotted necklace chain by dabbing a small bit of baby oil on the knot. Then, use a straight pin or needle to carefully untangle the chain.
  • Unstick a head from a tight space by pouring a generous amount of baby oil on the head and gently pulling it free.
  • Remove a BandAid without the pain by rubbing a generous amount of baby oil over your BandAid. Then gently pull off the bandage.
  • Get off a stuck ring by massaging your finger with baby oil and rotating the ring down and off your finger.
  • Polish a stainless-steel faucet by putting a small drop of baby oil on the faucet and rubbing the faucet with a microfiber cloth. 


  • Get the smoothest shave ever by swapping your everyday shaving cream with conditioner.


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