Bathroom Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

The holidays are crazy. For you. For your waistline. For your bathroom.

This time of year, everything in life gets pushed to the brink. Rather than feel guilty about it, take advantage of the classic January 1 tradition and make a few New Year’s resolutions.

In particular, make a few New Year’s resolutions for your bathroom. Because when you have a luxuriously clean place to get ready and unwind – life just feels a tad bit better. 


Bathroom Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

  • Kiss Those Extra Pounds of Clutter Goodbye. Don’t just think about getting rid of your expired products. TOSS THEM! Check the expiration date on everything from concealer and sunscreen to Ibuprofen and mascara. The items in your bathroom were carefully manufactured to perform a specific task. Over time those chemical compounds breakdown and change. Using something past its expiration date doesn’t just put you at risk for breakouts, it could be a serious health concern. Plus – all that extra stuff just clutters your bathroom!
  • Implement a Post-Shower Spray Down. Daily shower sprays can help keep soap scum and mold to a minimum. This reduces how frequently you need to clean your shower and how big of a job it will be. Just keep the bottle in your shower and spray the walls, floor, and door when you’re finished showering.
  • Lotion on the Regular. While you’re showing your shower walls a little TLC, make sure to show your legs and body some too. After you hop out of the shower, apply a quick coat of lotion to your body. Let it soak in as you do your other grooming tasks. This will help revitalize and smooth your skin after the harsh cold temperatures of winter.

Want to up the ante? Pledge to clean your bathroom regularly. Learn more about how to make that task a quick one.