Roses are the been-there, done-that of Valentine’s gifts. They are nice, to be sure. And you should probably send your other half a bouquet from time to time. But this is Valentine’s we are talking about. This is the Super Bowl of romance. It is not the moment when you say, “Oh, that’ll be good enough.”

This is when you bust out the big guns, when you lay it all on the line – when you say, “I love you,” with something that shows thought and consideration.

And because we know that sometimes that “thought” requires some prompting, we have rounded up some of our favorite gifts. 


couple reading together

Love Poems

Words aren’t your strong suit? That is okay. History is filled with experts who know how to put the beat of your heart directly on the page. The best romance writers of all time have given us all a wealth of swoon-inducing power. You just have to tap into it. George Chityil knows this all too well, that is why his currated collection of love poems, Love Poem Collection: The Greatest Love Poems of All Time, is such a great gift.


Rose Scented Candle

Still want to give roses? Make this a “bouquet” that will last. A great rose scented candle smells like a fresh arrangement day after day. Our favorite brand is Diptyque. Made in France, this brand has a way with fragrances and an eye for beautiful designs. Plus, they have an incredibly long burn time, so it won’t disappear too quickly.


Hiking as a couple.

A Reason to Shower

Give your honey a reason to shower. Ask them to do something physical with you. We are not talking about a rocking time in the sack. (Though, that is certainly not a bad option.) We are talking about a hike or new exercise class. Doing something physical together can help you bond and make new memories.


Plush Slippers

Feet take a beating. We walk on them. We stand on them. We run, jump, and ski on them. A foot rub is nice. We would highly recommend pairing one with this gift. But foot rubs are momentary. A plush pair of slippers will provide warm comfort for months and possibly even years. Ugg makes some lovely choices. We also like L.L. Bean’s line for a vegan choice.

A Book You Love

The business of living can make your relationship a little stale. After all, talking carpool schedules and client meetings is only so stimulating. Reading the same book gives you another topic to discuss. It lets you flex your creative juices together, explore ideas, and keep learning about one another.



Cleaning may sound like a boring gift. But if your other half has a hard time relaxing when the house is a mess, it might be just the thing they need. Time the final pieces of your project just right (and clean in your birthday suit) to give your partner an even better surprise.

Instax Camera

Instant cameras have been making a comeback. And with good reason. Unlike the ultra-digital and constantly fleeting selfie – an instant camera turns moments into tangible memories. Give your partner an Instax Camera and invite them to start making a photo collection with you. Better still, prompt them to take a few couple selfies. Asking your partner to take a picture with you helps reinforce their importance in your life. It signals to them you want to show them off to the world.


Give Them Sweet Smells no Matter Where They Go

Does your partner travel frequently. Ease the stress with a travel diffuser. Hotel rooms and vacation homes can smell off. Capri Blue Personal Travel Diffuser can be slipped into a carry-on. When your partner arrives in their temporary abode, they can quickly pull it out and be comforted by a reminder of you.


How to Pick the Best Bathroom Vanity

Luxurious Spa Shower

We may be biased, but we think an at-home spa is the kind of gift your partner (and you) will enjoy for years to come. Replace your tired by shower with a luxuriously spacious design to create a space that revitalizes you both.


Need help picking out the perfect bathroom update? Talk to one of our designers today.