sweaty workouts

Let’s face it – working out can be work! But if you pick the right workout, it can also be fun. Plus, a great workout helps us achieve our goals, enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and gives us a great excuse for taking steamy showers!

These three workout suggestions are the kind of sweaty activities worthy of a long, luxurious shower. 


When You Don’t Have a lot of Time: The 5-Minute Butt Kicker

This 5-minute butt-kicking workout by Susan Rinkunas can be done just about anywhere – all you need is a set of dumbbells. It takes you through five moves in five minutes with minimal rest, so you can get in, get done, and get back to the business of showering quickly!

The moves include: Skier Swings, Plank Walk-Ups, Dumbbell Squat Thrusts, Alternating Shoulder Presses, and Lateral Shuffles.


When You Want to Spend Time in Mother Nature: Hike Rattlesnake Ledge

One of the best things about living in the Seattle area is our close proximity to a plethora of great hikes. And, it doesn’t get much better than Rattlesnake Ledge at Snoqualmie Pass.

A relatively easy hike (it’s just four miles roundtrip), it offers stunning rewards. It takes you through old growth forests. It gives you a view over Snoqualmie Pass and the Southern Cascades. And, it has a variety of spots perfect for a simple picnic.


When You Want to Burn Calories: Swimming


One of the reasons most of us workout is to lose weight. And when you’re trying to reach your weight-loss goal, you want to get there as quickly as possible. Maximizing your calorie burn is one of the best ways to do so. Swimming is a low-intensity exercise that engages all your muscle groups for a maximum calorie burn.


Bonus Tip: Make Your Shower a Reward

As the saying goes, the carrot is more effective than the stick. Make showering a reward by having a luxurious and spacious shower you’ll enjoy.


Let’s talk about your shower needs!