For most of us, hoping in the shower is one of the highlights of the day. Ultra relaxing and enjoyable, it can be tempting to just go hog wild with the steam and cleaning. Unfortunately, there are some pretty common mistakes most of us make that are actually not very healthy, such as the following. 


1. Showing too long.

As cool as it would be, we’re not aquatic animals. We can’t live exclusively in the water. In fact, exposing your skin to too much water moisture. It’s not uncommon to spend upwards of 30 minutes in the steam and the heat. Unfortunately, when it comes to your skin, this isn’t the best. It’s better to keep your trips shorter, 5 to 10 minutes in length.


2. Blasting the hot water.

The hotter the water, the most your muscles relax, right? Perhaps. But, when the water is too hot it can remove the natural oils from your skin. Additionally, hot water increases circulation. This can cause your sink to turn bright red and even break out in a rash. And, if your skin is particularly fragile, it can be prone to becoming dry from the hot water.


3. Over-exfoliating

Exfoliating can be really good for your skin. But, there is such a thing as over scrubbing. It can cause breakouts, as your pores become over exposed. And, over exfoliating can make you puffy, as your skin becomes raw and irritated.


4. Skipping the moisturizer after you shower.

While too much water can damage your skin, not enough moisture can also cause it to quickly dry out. Dermatologists recommend you lightly pat your skin dry after leaving the shower. This leaves a small amount of water behind. Then, immediately apply moisturizer. Not only does the moisturizer help hydrate your skin, it helps trap the excess water, further hydrating your skin.


5. Washing your hair every day.

How often are you washing your hair? Every day? Every other day? Washing your hair too often can strip it of the natural oils your body produces. Depending on your hair type, you might be best washing your hair as little as once a week.


6. Not detangling your hair before you get in the shower.

Brushing out tangles once your hair is wet can traumatize your hair. Instead, brush out your hair before you get in the shower. Work from the ends or your hair to the scalp, helping to protect your hair’s integrity.


7. Using the same shampoo, year after year.

Our bodies change. As we become older, our skin becomes more delicate and dry. The same is true of your hair. Take the time to consider how your hair looks and feels. It might be that you need to use a shampoo with more protein or additional moisturizer to help replace the nutrients your body isn’t producing.


8. Not replacing your loofah.

This might be the most common mistake of all. Even though you can’t see it, there’s a good chance your loofah is a host for mold and bacteria. It naturally traps water and soap. Plus it’s left in a damp, dark location day after day.

After each use, it’s best to make sure to thoroughly clean your loofah. Then remove it from the shower and place it in a location with good airflow. But, even such precautions will only keep mold at bay for so long. Consider replacing it every month or so.


9. Using deodorant soap.

Deodorant soap can smell wonderful. Unfortunately, those intense fragrances can also strip the moisture from your skin, causing your skin to become dry and brittle.


10. Soaping your entire body.

Love to soap up every square inch of your body? We feel you. It can be very satisfying. Unfortunately, soap is designed to break down and wash away dirt. Your arms and legs aren’t an area that commonly collects dirt. These areas are your feet, behind your ears and at your joints. Over washing your arms and legs can leave then dry and cause you to look ashy.


11. Not washing your towel often enough.

Like your loofah, your towel can become a host for bacteria and mold. It’s best to make sure you hang it to maximize airflow. Additionally, you’ll want to wash it at least once a week.


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