For most of us, the traditional spa days have been put on hold. And while this may have you missing your favorite esthetician, it’s also an amazing opportunity! Now is the time to discover just how much you can pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home.

The following gifts are perfect for you or for shipping to a loved one.

Waterproof Speaker

Do water and electricity mix? Nope! Do showers and music go together? Like peanut butter and jelly! Which is why a waterproof speaker is the perfect solution. They can hang from your shower caddy or sit on the side of your tub without you worrying about them getting wet.

Cozy Towel

One of the things we miss most about the spa are the plush towels. But what’s keeping us from enjoying them at home? Whether you are pampering yourself or a loved one, make sure your towels will make you enjoy wrapping up after a shower or a bath. Talk about an easy (and affordable) way to dress up a bathroom!

Hanging Succulents

No matter the size of your bathroom, plants instantly infuse the space with life. One of the best ways to add plants without sacrificing square footage or precious counter space is by adding hanging plants. Because succulents are a relatively low maintenance plant that enjoys moisture, they tend to be our go-to.

Herbal Bath Tea Soak

Love a good, long soak in the tub? Who doesn’t! But give yourself a little something extra by mixing it up with Leif Shop’s bath tea soak. Made with herbs and essential oils, if fills your bathroom with a fragrant aroma and makes the water soft and creamy.

Need more at-home spa inspiration? Explore our full resource guide, outlining how to make your bathroom into your own personal spa retreat.