Woman in Bathroom

Let’s be real – living with roommates has its challenges. Even if those roommates happen to be folks you love, like your spouse and/or family, sharing space isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Who gets to hold the remote and who’s turn it is to take out the trash may be common sources of debate. But, there is no room that causes more conflict than the bathroom. 

Why? In short, because the bathroom is the most personal room in the house. It is one of the spaces that gets the dirtiest. It’s one each household member needs to use on a daily basis. And, it is the one everyone enjoys cleaning the least.

Additionally, if your bathroom is small, you face even more challenges as you and your roommates battle over who gets to store their toiletries where. The following tips can help you and those you live with survive the day-to-day business of getting clean without a major throw down.


1. Make a Chore List and POST IT

No one wants to always clean the toilet. The same is true of the mirror, shower, and bathroom floor. Rather than have one roommate feel like they are constantly picking up after the others, make a chore list and POST IT. This will allow all of you to know whose turn it is to do what.


2. Decide What You Are Sharing and What You Are Not

Even if you Are sharing the bathroom with your family, you don’t need to scuffle over toothpaste. Decide in advance what items you Are sharing and who Is responsible for providing them. Talk about it. This way everyone is on the same page, which helps keep disagreements to a minimum.


3. Use an Extra Tension Rod to Hang Multiple Shower Caddies

The over the shower head shower caddy can be nice. Unfortunately, even the biggest ones rarely provide enough room for everyone’s toiletries. This is especially true if everyone has their own unique soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Plus, there Is body scrubs, shaving creams, and razors to consider.

Rather than fight over who gets to store their stuff in the shower, put up an extra tension rod on the back side of the shower. Then, use this rod to hang extra shower caddies. This way everyone gets their own space.


4. Install Tiered Shelving and Label the Shelves

Communication (or lack thereof) is often the biggest source of conflict. When two roommates think one shelf is their own, all of a sudden a heated debate can break out about who has encroached on the other’s space. Just nip that problem in the bud from the beginning. Install tiered shelves to provide plenty of storage. Then, label those shelves so everyone knows whose space is whose!


5. Color-Code Your Towels

Sharing towels can quickly lead to a wet and smelly towel. Plus, it Is very bad for your hygiene. To help everyone keep their own towel straight, consider assigning each roommate their own color. This way they will always know which towel is theirs,


6. Install Initialed Hooks for the Towels

As another precaution against swapping towels, consider installing hooks with each individual’s initial on them. Yes, you can run into some issues if more than one person has the same initial. In this case, you might consider getting themed hooks that vary by design. Each person gets their own design. The idea is to make sure each roommate’s hook is unique so they can tell the difference easily.


7. Courtesy Flush

Seriously. If you Are sharing a bathroom with someone (or someones) – courtesy flush when you Are going to the bathroom. This means when you have a ‘stinky’ trip, flushing throughout the time on the throne to keep the smell to a minimum. For those homes with only one bathroom, this is particularly important.


8. Replace the Toilet Paper

Use the last of the roll? That happens. No big deal. What is a big deal, is sitting on the loo and needing some toilet paper that is not there. Unless you really want to deliver a fresh roll to your roommate while they are pants are around their ankles, replace the roll!


Need additional tips about how to successfully share a bathroom? We have you covered.