There are no two ways to put it, if you want a successful remodel, it all comes down to planning. LOTS of planning. 

Planning is how you avoid mistakes like trying to tackle more than you can handle, shelling out cash for unnecessary expenses or worst of all — discovering you’re halfway through your remodel and don’t have the funds to finish. 

Use the following tips to avoid incurring expensive remodeling mistakes. 

Needlessly Changing the Layout

Do you dream of rearranging the layout of your bathroom? Perhaps you wish the sink was against the far wall and the toilet was in the corner? Before you dive into a major layout update, take a moment and consider how important it is. Moving fixtures that use water ( like the sink, toilet and shower), take a substantial amount of time and money. By leaving them where they are, you can substantially reduce the overall cost of your remodel. 

Not Installing Adequate Ventilation

You’d be shocked to discover how many bathrooms are not appropriately vented. Not only can this make your trip to the loo rather stinky, but it can cause serious damage to your home. If your bathroom is improperly vented, either not vented or vented into the attic, the moisture trapped inside can cause mildew and rot. A properly installed bathroom fan is essential. For even better ventilation, you’ll want to add a window that can be opened. 

Not Properly Sealing Your Tile

Like improperly venting your bathroom, not properly sealing your tile can expose your bathroom and the structure of your home to mildew and rot. There are a variety of elements in your bathroom that need to be sealed, but tile is the one that most often fails. This is because even the smallest crack in the mortar can go unnoticed but lead to a significant leak. 

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