3 Ways to Bring a Bit of Zen to Your Bathroom

When it comes right down to it, ‘Zen’ is a way of life. It’s a practice of simplistic living – one that’s focused on internal health and wellbeing.

In more practical terms, like the design of your home, Zen design embodies this practice through a minimalistic philosophy. Zen design is focused on natural materials, the holistic use of light, and a positive flow of energy.

Even small adjustments to your space can help you subconsciously improve your daily mood and overall health. This is especially true in the bathroom, where we all spend a good deal of our time.

Use some (or all) of the following principles to bring a bit of zen to your bathroom.

Create an Open Flow

Zen focuses on energy flowing freely. In practical terms, this means open, airy spaces. It’s not practical to knock down every wall, especially the walls surrounding the bathroom. However, you’ll want to avoid creating unnecessary barriers. These could be items like large wall sconces or extra-bulky doorways which visually divide the space more than needed.

Go Light with Color

Picture the visual weight of a black wall. Now picture the visual weight of a white wall. Which is heavier? For most of us, it’s the black wall. The lighter you keep your colors, the less visual stimuli (weight) your mind will need to deal with).

But…avoid simply jumping into pure white. This can also be jarring. Instead, try and go for a light and natural color. This helps rebalance and focus the mind.

Get Rid of Clutter

Walk into a room with one thing and you’re likely to focus on that one thing. This can help calm the mind. Walk into a room loaded with items and your mind quickly becomes overwhelmed. Even if you aren’t aware of it, the more ‘stuff’ there is, the harder the mind has to work. De-clutter your bathroom to give your brain a break.

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