Everyone goes. Even your guests. That doesn’t mean a trip to the bathroom isn’t embarrassing at times. From smells to sounds, the potty and all that happens there can be enough to make your guests run for the hills. Show them some grace and eliminate potentially embarrassing moments before they even occur. 

Put Out the Toilet Paper

Who among your friends and family do you want to see with their pants around their ankles while they sit on a toilet? If you are like most of us, the answer is no one!

And, pretty much no one wants to be sitting on the toilet while you look at them either! Don’t leave your guests on the porcelain throne weighing the pros and cons of drip-drying or calling for help.

Make sure to put out extra rolls of toilet paper in an obvious, easy to access location. (By easy to access, we mean easy to access while sitting on the toilet.) It is also wise to pop into the bathroom every now and again to make sure the stash doesn’t need a re-supply.

Stash Sensitive Items

Have things in your bathroom you don’t want guests to see? Make sure to hide any and all items. It will save you all some embarrassment and/or uncomfortable questions. Because while you might have told your best friend you are trying for your first baby, you probably weren’t telling Uncle Larry and your partner’s mom.

Air Freshener of Some Kind

Some things just smell. That doesn’t make them any less embarrassing. Help you and your guests out, by placing an air freshener in the bathroom. Good options include matches or a citrus spray.

Put Out a Trashcan

Don’t want guests to flush unmentionables or feel like they have to smuggle them home in their personal bag? Make sure there is a trash can readily available.

Clean the Underside of the Seat

Delicate though it may be to discuss, remember stuff can often end up on the underside of the toilet seat. For the ladies out there, this is not thought about for the simple fact that it is not often seen. On the other hand, men frequently lift the toilet seat. Don’t make them touch and look at that grossness.

Have a Plunger

If you don’t own a plunger, it is time to get one. You will want one when your guests are there and when they aren’t. A plunger is just one of those home maintenance must-haves. Because a clogged toilet can lead to serious issues, especially if you only have one toilet.

Provide Some Sound Cover

Like smells, sounds are also often part of the deal. Few things are more of a buzzkill for a party and embarrassing for the guest in the bathroom than the sound coming from the loo. This can particularly be an issue if your bathroom is located in a heavily trafficked area of your home. Providing some white noise can help all your guests feel more at ease.

Put Up a Sign with Any Special Requests

Can your plumping only handle toilet paper? You probably don’t want to greet each guest by offering them a drink and warning them not to flush feminine products? Do you have a tricky faucet? Chances are you don’t want to spend the entire party showing folks how to wash their hands.

Just put up a small sign with your request and/or how-to tips. It may seem strange, but trust us, your guests will appreciate it.

Have Emergency Supplies on Hand

Whether you are throwing a classy cocktail soiree or casual Sunday night football gathering, some ‘emergency’ supplies can really save you and your guests. These can include:

  • Tampons, for women dealing with the lady times
  • Pain relievers, for folks suffering from a headache
  • Band-Aids, for the small cuts and/or painful blisters guests might suffer
  • Mouthwash and floss, for folks who need a bit of freshening up
  • Hairspray, for the ladies and gents who need to re-set their hair
  • Lotion, because dry hands can be quite painful
  • Extra towels, in case there is an unforeseen mess
  • Q-tips, for touching up makeup smears, cleaning ears, and just general hygiene

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