The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in your home, especially if you’re having difficulty getting around. Whether you’re sore from a hard workout or sore from years of accumulating wisdom, sometimes you just need a little extra help. Why make it harder than it needs to be to bathe?

The following universal design features can help you make your bathroom a safe space that’s easy to navigate.

Curbless Showers

Say goodbye to hiking into and out of your shower. While traditional showers have a step up (or even a large tub wall), a curbless shower is exactly what the name suggests – curbless. With no obstacle separating your shower floor from the rest of the bathroom, you can walk right in unencumbered.

Grab Bars

Bathrooms are naturally wet. Wet surfaces can be slippery. A grab bar allows you to steady yourself safely if you’re feeling uneasy or need a little extra support.

Shower Stool or Bench

Does standing throughout your entire shower feel like a lot of work? We can relate. Sometimes you just need to give your legs a break. A sturdy shower stool or bench provides a safe place to do just that.

Whenever possible, try to place the stool or bench near your grab bar. This will make standing again easier. 

Handheld Showerhead

Trying to wiggle around and wash every part of your body can be difficult. A handheld showerhead gives you additional bathing flexibility, helping you reach all of the potentially hard to reach areas of your body.

Lots of Light

Another often overlooked safety feature is light. It’s incredibly easy to make a miss-step when you can’t see where you’re going. By incorporating plenty of light into your bathroom’s design, you can help you and your loved ones see what you are doing.

Textured Floor

There’s something lovely about a smooth floor. Unfortunately, smooth floors are also incredibly dangerous. They provide no grip. When they get wet, the can seem like a skating rink. Luckily, you can get elegantly textured floors that offer beauty and safety.

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