Want luxury, but don’t want to break the bank getting it? You’re in luck. It’s possible to turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. All you need are some strategic updates and a bit of elbow grease. 

Go Green

Plants infuse your bathroom with life – literally. They improve air quality. They promote tranquility. They’ve been shown to reduce stress levels. And, they look nice. Take a second to consider how much natural light your bathroom gets. Typically, good bathroom plants can thrive in low-light, moist environments.

Bonus Tip: Don’t assume your plant has to take up valuable counter space. You can easily add a hanging plant to your bathroom and experience the same benefits. Plus, this will naturally draw the eye up, making your bathroom appear larger.

Give Your Towels an Upgrade

Consider going to your favorite spa. What’s one of the things you love the most? It’s most likely the luxuriously plush towels. This is a relatively affordable update, especially compared to a tile backsplash or new plumbing.

Extra Special: Want to make your new plush linens extra special? Make sure to snag a new pair of slippers!


Clutter can substantially contribute to your stress levels. When there’s more stuff, there’s more to process. This means the clutter on your counters becomes clutter in your mind. Take the time to go through your bathroom and toss out anything that you don’t use or that has expired.

Add Some Incense

Treat your nose with some love. Find an incense that you enjoy to keep in the bathroom. The smell of lavender and thyme have both been shown to have soothing effects.

Keep it Going: Don’t stop at your incense. Find a body wash with a complimentary scent to add a bit of bubbly goodness to your next steamy shower session.

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