Bathroom fans aren’t an aesthetic choice. In fact, they aren’t normally all that beautiful at all. However, they are darn important.

A properly working bathroom fan provides numerous, essential benefits. These include:


Like any confined space, fumes can build up in your bathroom. A properly functioning bathroom fan, helps vent the air from inside your bathroom to outside your home, giving these harmful fumes a place to escape.

Improved Air Quality

Fumes aren’t the only thing that can diminish the air quality in your bathroom. The natural activities in the bathroom (hello Number Two) can taint the air. Running the bathroom fan can help suck this poor air out, so it can be replaced with new, cleaner air (the air which you will be breathing).

Removing Moisture

Moisture is one of the biggest culprits of bathroom disaster. Dark, damp places encourage mold and bacteria to grow. To help your bathroom stay fresh and clean, you want to limit the amount of moisture that builds up inside. A bathroom fan helps vent warm, moist air from accumulating, by moving it from your bathroom outside your home. Not only is this good for your health, it can help cut down on the frequency with which you need to clean your bathroom. (Less chores? Yes please!)

Muffling Sounds

Real talk. Sometimes going to the bathroom is noisy, which can be embarrassing. A bathroom fan can help muffle any unwanted noises. This can alleviate embarrassing moments for you and your guests. If your bathroom is in a particularly high-traffic area, you might even consider selecting a slightly noisier bathroom fan to aid with this issue.

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