How to create an easy to clean bathroom?

Except for a very small percentage of our population, most of us aren’t too fond of cleaning the bathroom. It often involves scrubbing away a lot of gunk, mold, and general funk. Even those who keep their bathroom mostly buttoned up can accumulate a healthy dose of nasty. It just comes with the territory.

Because bathrooms are the place we go to get rid of all such nonsense. So, it makes sense that some of what we are washing off and dolling out ends up collecting and turning into a big hot mess.

Luckily, you can make a few simple upgrades and adjustments to keep grime to a minimum, so you can clean less frequently. Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

Sensor-Operated Faucets

Do sensor-operated faucets make you think of crowded stadiums and busy airports? Think again! There are a variety of home models on the market, which is good news for those who are interested in keeping germs down.

Traditional faucets require you to touch them to turn them on (when your hands are dirty) and then to touch them when you turn them off (when your hands are clean). This means clean hands are touching dirty surfaces – defeating the purpose.

Sensor-operated faucets solve this problem! They can also help you save water, as they are intended to only run while being used.

A Good Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fans aren’t just for muffling embarrassing sounds. They help your bathroom stay clean. While this upgrade might not score you a ton of points with potential buyers, it will help you keep your bathroom cleaner, for longer.

Good bathroom fans suck the air out of your bathroom and disperse it outside of your home. This helps you fight mold, protecting your walls and other surfaces. It also helps you remove unwanted odors and all the nasty micro-organisms that are causing those odors.

If you are someone who forgets to the turn the fan on, you might consider getting a humidity-sensing fan. It turns on automatically when the humidity in your bathroom reaches a pre-determined level and then shuts off automatically.

One-Piece Toilets

Not only are toilets one of the least enjoyable things to clean, they are often one of the hardest bathroom fixtures to clean. This is especially true if you have a two-piece toilet, because there are so many tiny crevices. Sometimes it can feel like you are standing on your head trying to scrub some of the most hidden areas.

A one-piece toilet cuts down on how many places bacteria and mold can grow – making it easier to clean your toilet and keep it clean.

If you are currently dealing with some serious grime, make sure to check out Good Housekeeping’s list of top toilet bowl cleaners in 2018.

Use an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Automatic toilet bowl cleaners, like the one by Clorox, can be applied to the inside surface of your toilet, allowing you to clean with every flush. They will need to be replaced once a month or so. And, they don’t clean the outside of your toilet. So, this isn’t a completely no-clean solution. But, what is?

Use Liquid Hand Soap

You know that thick buildup of residue under the bar of soap on your counter? There is a good chance that is not all soap. And, there is an even better chance you are tired of looking at it and cleaning it off. Make the switch to liquid hand soap and you’ll easily eliminate this problem. Easy peasy.

Seamless Shower

For those who haven’t quite caught on yet, here is the inside scoop. Mold loves dark, moist places – like the small groves in your tile shower. The more groves, the more places for mold to grow. This means, if you want to avoid cleaning, you want to avoid groves.

A seamless shower allows you to have all the luxury of a big, open shower, without the headache of scrubbing behind tiles and replacing failing grout. While you will still need to clean your shower on occasion, spraying it with an after-shower spray can extend the time between necessary cleaning sessions even further. Talk about a win for everyone!

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