Hobbies. Hikes. Pets. Sports. Laundry. Recycling. It can all add up to a big, fat mess. The ultimate solution to keeping the fun of living outside the home from overrunning the comfort of living inside your home is a mudroom. Use the following elements to create the perfect barrier between your living space and your crazy life.

Shower Stall

Whether you’re hosing down a kiddo after an afternoon making mud pies or a hosing down your pup who inevitably helped them, having a place where you can keep the dirt contained can make life exponentially easier. A shower stall lets you wash and drain away the dirt before it has a chance to reach your carpet. This can also be a good place to host off dirty boots and sports equipment.

Hooks & Cubbies

The last thing you want is your mudroom to turn into a landmine of discarded jackets, tennis rackets and shoes. Which means, you need to give your fam a place to store their stuff. (This is also key to being able to ask them to put their stuff away.) Make sure your mudroom is equipped with plenty of hooks and cubbies where all these goods can find a home.

Washer & Dryer

Now that you’ve gone to all those lengths to hose everyone off before they come into your home, why drag their dirty clothes over the carpet and to the laundry room? Instead, make the laundry room and mudroom the same space!

Message Board

Whether you’re leaving an uplifting note for your family or a few reminders, having a clear space where you leave messages helps keep everyone on the same page. Put this in a prominent location where notes can clearly be read and updated. To help make it keep everyone even more on the same page, consider color-coding your notes.

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