elegant bathroom with natural colors

Want a vacation? Don’t want to pay for the hotel room? Yeah. We feel you.

But what if you could enjoy that vacation-like pampering day-in and day-out?

You can! You just need to steal a few design tips from your favorite luxury hotels. No, those won’t mean someone will come make your bed and replace your towels. But, it can make your space ultra-functional, helping you cut down on clutter and breathe a little easier. This is especially true if you’re looking to make your space seem a little bigger.


Opt for Floating Shelves

Large bookcases cut you off visually from the wall. They reduce the square footage of any room in which they are placed. On the other hand, floating shelves allow you to maintain line of sight with the wall, while still providing functionality.

In the bathroom, floating shelves work particularly well above the toilet. In the bedroom, they work well on the furthest wall from the door. The idea is always to keep any item that might interrupt your line of sight at the furthest possible point. This helps maintain as much visually open space from any point of the room as possible.


Turn Your Nightstand into a Desk

Trying to fit a nightstand and a desk into your bedroom? Stop. Your desk can be your nightstand, meaning there’s one less piece of furniture you need to try and squeeze into your bedroom.


Mount Towel Bars on Your Vanity

Hanging up towels, even hand towels, is essential for allowing them to dry and keeping mold from growing. But, an excess of towels hanging on the wall can quickly look cluttered. Rather, mount towel bars on your vanity. This will allow them to visually blend in with your vanity, without taking up any additional visual space.


Lift up Lights

Lamps stationed on your countertops and bedside tables might help you see. They also take up valuable real estate. Rather, lift lights up. Consider mounting lights on the walls. Or try hanging pendant lights.


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