Potty training can be the worst. But changing diapers for the rest of your child’s foreseeable future isn’t very enjoyable either. And, helping your toddler learn to use the bathroom can give them confidence, help them build independence, and take one extra task off your must-do list.

Use some (or all) of the following tips to help make potty training easier.

Give your Child Your Focus

Simply sticking your child on the toilet with their pants pulled down while you scroll through Instagram doesn’t make them feel important. As boring as potty training can be, give the task your attention and it will help signal to your child that it’s important and make them want to get on board.

Stop Asking if Your Child Needs to Go

Rather than give your child the option to say they don’t need to go to the bathroom, tell them they’re going to go try. If they resist, you might say, “Mom’s going to try and potty and then you are.” Just make it a matter of fact that it’s going to happen.

Reward Their Success

Just like for adults, the reward system can be very enticing for a lot of kids. Make sure your child knows what the reward is for using the toilet and put the reward in a place they can easily see on a regular basis. This doesn’t have to be a food-related award such as candy. Their reward might be a new toy or a trip to their favorite playground. The trick is to make sure it’s something they really want.

Track Progress on a Potty Chart

Like all people, kids love to see the progress they made — especially if they can do so with fun stickers. Make a Potty Chart and allow them to update it after each successful trip to the bathroom. You might be surprised how often your little one suddenly needs to go.

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