The number of New Year’s resolutions that get broken is astounding. This year skip the big, lofty, and relatively undefined goals. Instead, stick to something simple that you’re actually willing to keep.

Let Go of the Clutter

In January of 2019, the New York Times ran an article about ‘The Unbearable Heaviness of Clutter.’ The principle was simple – clutter doesn’t just fill up your house. It fills up your mental and emotional space. This makes everything in your life more difficult and more unbearable.

And while you might be thinking to yourself, “I said last year I’d let go of clutter and failed,” perhaps you shouldn’t throw in the towel just yet. Rather than give yourself a blanket statement that you’re going to give up clutter in 2020, pick one room — like the bathroom — to keep clutter-free. Start by tossing old, expired toiletries. Get rid of anything broken or that you haven’t used in over a year. You’ll be amazed at how those two simple tasks will greatly reduce the clutter, making it easier to keep your bathroom clutter-free moving forward.

Squeegee the Shower After Each Use

Hate scrubbing the shower? Who doesn’t! But, shower mold is pretty gross too. When excess moisture is allowed to sit in the shower, it causes mold to grow at an exponentially faster rate. By simple squeegeeing the shower after each use you can reduce the amount of mold and the frequency with which you have to clean the shower.

Clean the Toilet Regularly

Of all tasks, cleaning the toilet may be the most loathsome household chore. But, not cleaning the toilet can make it so an excess of bacteria is sprayed throughout your bathroom each time you flush.

Got your attention, didn’t we?

If you clean the toilet regularly, you can significantly reduce the mess and make the job exponentially easier.

Freshen Your Air with Calm Scents

Want to make 2020 the year of calm. Surround yourself with calming scents that will put you in the right mindset. All you need in a great smelling candle or air freshener.