Want your child’s bathroom to be a space they love? Who doesn’t! Would it also be nice if their bathroom was a space that encouraged them to develop organizational skills? You bet!

While this may seem like a tall order for a simple little bathroom, it can definitely be accomplished without a huge, full-scale remodel. Nor does it mean you absolutely must make updates every time your child has a new favorite superhero.

The key, when it comes to their bathroom, is to make updates that they will like and that will stand the test of time. Use the following tips to transform your child’s bathroom with minimal effort:

Keep Paint Gender Neutral

Gender-specific paint can be limiting. While your little girl may love baby pink right now, she might be a yellow or blue girl next month. Rather than going all-in on a paint color that might feel blah to your kid quickly, stick to a gender-neutral tone that will let them grow and change in their own time. This is particularly important if you have multiple kids of different genders and/or ages. Because the last thing you want is to listen to bickering over wall paint.

Swap the Hardware

Overhauling all the bathroom’s cabinets and fixtures can be expensive. Luckily, you can give the space a bit of pizzazz by simply swapping out the hardware with bright and colorful pops. Try replacing the door knobs and towel hooks with fun alternatives.

Personalize the Linens

Want to make sure your kids hang their towels up after each bath? Then make it easy to hold them accountable. Buy each of your kids towels in their own color. This will make it pretty obvious who has hung up their towel and who hasn’t.

Give Each Kid a Hook

Another good way to encourage responsibility is to give each of your kids their own towel hook. When items have a clear home, it helps us all remember to return the item there when we’re finished using it.

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