How to Bring My Dated Bathroom into the 21st Century

Simple updates give your bathroom a spa-like feel without breaking the bank.

Think you have to spend a fortune and have a big bathroom to create your own at-home spa? Think again! These 4 affordable tips will give any size bathroom a soothing spa-like vibe. 

Go for an Earthy Palette
Earth tones are naturally calming. Browns, grays, and greens can give your bathroom an organic vibe. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, stick to the same nature-inspired palette, but opt for lighter colors that will open up the space. Rather then a dark brown, go for beige. Think pale green rather than forest. And select a light grey instead of dark charcoal.

Control the Lighting
If you are up for it, install dimmer controls. This will allow you to set the mood when it’s time to relax. However, this process can be complicated and for most of us requires an electrician.

To skip hiring a professional, utilize candles throughout your bathroom. Place tall pillar candles on plates along the wall and tea lights across surfaces such as the back of your toilet and your sink.

Pamper Your Nose
For centuries aromatherapy has been used to rejuvenate and sooth the body. In the morning, use a peppermint shampoo to get your brain buzzing. In the evening, rub lavender or jasmine lotion on your hands, legs and feet to calm your mind.

Play a Soothing Sound
While you may rock out to the tunes when you workout, the spa is a place to unwind. Rather than tunes what make you want to dance and jump around, select a soothing playlist. Think of sounds from nature and songs that don’t have any jarring chords or sudden changes in melody.

Have additional questions about how to create a soothing spa-like bathroom? Contact one of our Bath Fitter professionals today.