It’s common during a bathroom remodel to focus on capacity — maximizing the space. Unfortunately, this approach does very little to make your bathroom easy to navigate when you’re struggling to move about.

Doesn’t seem like a concern because you’re able-bodied? While you might not need a universal bathroom now, time is a fickle mistress. She catches up to us all. And as we get older, accidents are more likely to happen. Whether you’ve injured yourself temporarily or you just need a little more help getting around, a universal bathroom can give you safe space you need to maintain your independence.

The following tips are easy ways to make your bathroom a safer space.


In the construction world ‘blocking’ refers to the amount of lumber nailed between the studs on your walls. The more ‘blocking’ the more support. If you’re planning a full-scale remodel that involves opening up the walls, consider adding additional blocking. This will help make all elements of your bathroom sturdier, including your counters, cabinets, and toilets.

Curbless Shower

This is one of the easiest upgrades to make and one of the most important. Even a small barrier can be difficult to pass when raising your leg is cumbersome. Rather than risk tripping on a small lip, a curbless shower lets you enter the shower area easily.

Slip-Resistant Tile

It’s not new news that water makes surfaces slippery. This can be hard to manage even more those with amazing balance. Luckily, there’s some tile that’s designed to provide additional traction even when wet — slip-resistant tile. Look for tile with a COF (coefficiency of friction) rating of 60 or higher to give yourself a safe surface.

Grab Bars

Whether you need help getting up from a seated position or some extra stability moving around, grab bars can give you a safe and secure place to steady yourself.

Talk to a Bath Fitter specialist about your new curbless shower and grab bars.