We use our hands for practically everything. Driving. Cooking. Bathing. Gardening. Turning the page of a book. There are no two ways to slice it — our five-finger beauties take a beating daily.

Yet, we hardly show them the love they deserve. Because did you know the kin on our hands is the same consistency as our eyelids? Yep! It’s thinner than the skin on our face, which many of us spend a fortune in time and products to pamper. Luckily, taking care of your hands doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. The following X ways will allow you to give these miraculous tools the attention they need without overwhelming your beauty routine.

Wear Sunscreen

Hands down (pun intended), sun affects your hands the most. Why? Because sun can be incredibly harmful to your skin, causing everything from sun spots and wrinkles to cancer. It’s best to make sure you apply sunscreen to your hands daily, from the tips of your fingers to your elbows. It’s also wise to wear gloves during outdoor activities like gardening and while driving when your hands are commonly exposed. This cuts down on sun exposure.


If you’re like most of us, exfoliating is generally focused on the bottoms of our feet and the edges of our jawline. But our hands can benefit from some gentle sluffing off of dead skin cells too. Once a week or so, use your body or face scrub to gently remove dead cells. This will help your hands better absorb your daily moisturizer.

Brighten Your Nails

When it comes to hair, you probably know lemons can help bleach your mane. But did you know that lemons can also help give your nails a dazzling finish? This is because hair and nails are the same material. By rubbing a bit of lemon juice on your nails and nailbed, you can give them a bit of brightness and luster. (Discover eight more unusual ways lemons are a rock star at home.)

Stop Cutting Your Cuticles

While it can be tempting to cut your cuticles, resist the urge. This can cause damage to the new nail growth. Rather, rub your cuticles with moisturizer and gently push them back.

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