Do you dream of a spacious bathroom where you could lounge for hours? With some clever design tricks, you can make your bathroom appear bigger visually, without changing its footprint.

1. White on White

Using lots of white is one of the easiest ways to make your space appear bigger. White reflects light, rather than absorbing it, which makes the space seem bigger. Plus, but using a mixture of white walls and white fixtures, you avoid any single object dominating the space and appearing large and clunky.

If you’re worried about your white on white look appearing too lack-luster, consider adding small touches of natural material — like a bamboo mat. You might also like bringing in a plant or two, as the natural colors will really pop off the white backdrop.

2. Float Your Vanity

Vanities can take up a lot of space both physically and visually. One way to counterbalance this is by floating your vanity. This offers the perfect mix of storage and openness. Plus, a floated vanity gives you toes a few extra feet of wiggle room — letting you utilize more of your bathroom’s actual footprint as you navigate the space.

3. Opt for the Big Mirror

While less is more when it comes to clutter, more is more when it comes to mirror size. Mirrors reflect space and light, both of which help visually open up a space. So while you might want to hang a decorative mirror on a side wall, filly up the space over your vanity with as large of a mirror as you can.

4. Make Lighting a Priority

Another downfall of the small bathroom is poor lighting. Designers often overlook bathroom lighting to begin with and then when the space is small, they suddenly feel there are very few options. Unfortunately, this only makes the space feel smaller as poor light can cast shadows the close in a small room. Consider adding layers of lights, with an overhead light, lights beside your vanity and maybe lights under your vanity.

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