Your bathroom should be functional. It should also be beautiful. Because your bathroom is a room you use every day. This means you likely don’t want it to feel like you’re walking into a cramped cave.

While it can feel difficult to create a spacious bathroom in a small space, it’s far from impossible. Use the following tips to make your small bathroom feel bigger.

Pick Your Patterns with Care

Absolutely love a tile pattern or wallpaper? Don’t be afraid to you use it. Adding a fun element like this can be just the spar your bathroom needs. But keep the pattern on rest of the bathroom’s surfaces minimal. Think solids in neutral tones. This will help not overwhelm the small space, while making the patter you really love pop.

Use a Ledge to Sneak in Extra Storage

One of the biggest issues with a small bathroom is often storage. Consider installing a ledge beneath your mirror and just above your sink. This can be a fabulous place to store everything from toothbrushes and hair brushes to Q-tips and other small toiletries.

Go Clear

As humans, we’re incredibly visual. The more uninterrupted space we can see, the bigger the area feels. A shower curtain or foggy glass acts as a visual divide. For those worried about privacy while bathing, this kind of visual divide is important. But, it does break up the space making a small bathroom feel even smaller. By using clear glass or a clear shower curtain, you can help maximize the visual space within your bathroom.

Float Your Storage Space

Like clear glass, floating shelves don’t take up as much visual weight. This allows you to add storage to your small bathroom, while still providing the maximum of visual space. In fact, the negative space created by the floating shelves almost makes the bathroom feel bigger. The key is to not simply pack the shelves completely full. Make sure you can still see at least some of the wall behind.

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