holiday gifts

This year, take your gift-giving to the next level with these awesome bathroom inspired gifts: 

New Showerhead

Whether you’re designing a new shower or just making an old shower new again, one of the most important decisions to make is the kind of showerhead mount you want. The best showerhead mount really comes down to personal preference.

What kind of spray do you enjoy? How much water pressure you like? Do you want the flexibility of moving the spray around? Learn more about how to pick the best showerhead mount for you and your loved ones.

Waterproof Speaker

What doesn’t mix in the bathroom? Water and electricity. What does? Water and music! This is especially true if you have an aspiring vocalist in your house who likes to practice in the shower.

Help them (and you) out with some backup tunes. Peruse the pros and cons of bathroom speakers to discover the best for you.

Luxurious Lotions

A hot, steamy shower can revitalize us and help our muscles feel relaxed. But once you get out of the shower, you don’t want that amazing feeling to fade away. Lathering on a luxurious lotion is a great way to treat your body to a little bit more pampering, while keeping your skin supple.

Pre-Poop Air Freshener

Word of warning – you may want to be careful about who you give this one too. While everyone goes, if this is your first year of dating, perhaps it would be a good idea to until next year to bust out this beauty of a gift.

That being said, the pre-pooping air freshener can help keep the bathroom smelling so fresh and so clean…even when the toilet is being put to good use.

Spa Shower

Really want to wow your special someone? Give them a spa shower! Replace the clunky tub-shower combo with a spacious shower. Suddenly showering together just got a lot more fun!

Let’s talk about your shower design!