When you are updating your bathroom, there are a lot of choices to make. Tile here. Ceramic there. Brass hardware. Silver hardware. Track lighting. Overhead lighting. 

Often, budget will play a major role. But you also want to consider how each choice will impact your bathroom visually and functionally. When it comes to shower doors, we are often big fans of glass doors. 

Glass Shower Doors Can Be Sized to Fit Your Needs. 

Bath Fitter’s semi-custom shower inserts allow you to get a shower made to fit your exact space. Which means, we’ll also make sure we can create a shower door to fit your needs. 

Glass Shower Doors Allow Light Into Your Shower. 

Dark shower doors and curtains block light from entering your shower. With a glass shower door the light flows freely into your shower. This not only creates a visually appealing situation, but it provides additional safety. 

Glass Shower Doors Help Your Space Feel Bigger. 

Any time you create a visual divide, you close off a space, making it feel smaller than it is. A clear shower door lets you take visual advantage of every square foot of your bathroom. 

Glass Shower Doors Reduce Mold. 

Mold thrives in dark, wet spaces. Because a clear shower door lets in light, it can help reduce the amount of mold in your bathroom. (Already have mold? Get our essential tips for how to effectively remove mold from your shower.)

Glass Shower Doors are Easier to Clean. 

Generally speaking, cleaning the shower isn’t high on anyone’s list of fun activities. With a clear shower door you can squeegee the door after each shower to reduce the amount of mold and frequency with which you get to clean. 

Ready to update your shower and install a glass door? Schedule a consultation with a Bath Fitter design expert today to explore your options.