kids bath

Trying to create a bathroom your kids will love as much as you do can sometimes seem tough. You want your kid’s bathroom to be functional, easy to clean, and durable. You also want it to be one that will age with them. Use the following design tips to create a bathroom they’ll enjoy for years to come.

1. Provide Plenty of Storage

One of the keys to helping your kiddos learn how to keep their space clean is to give them the tools they need to stay organized. This means plenty of stage space. And, it means pins and drawers in which they can store all their items. Make it so everything they need has a home. This will help simplify picking up and putting away.

2. Dark Grout

Planning to have a tile floor? Stick with dark grout. While white grout can be lovely, it can get dirt quickly — especially with kids around. By using dark grout, you don’t have to worry about dirty feet staining your floors.

3. Stick with a Bathtub/Shower Combo

Even if you plan on your children showering for most of their life, there are times when having a bath is a good option — especially when they are really small. That’s why we always suggest kid’s bathrooms utilize a tub/shower combo.

4. Spray Nozzle Showerhead

Kids can be messy. They get dirt in the craziest of places. And sometimes the process of ‘getting clean’ can cause the shower to turn into its own disaster zone. With a spray nozzle showerhead that can be handheld and positioned on the wall, you can easily clean all the hard-to-reach spots.

5. Add Some Fun

Remember, kids will be kids. You want to give them the chance to fully embrace the things they love. This can help make bath time easier and it can give them a sense of ownership over the space. Invite them to help you choose themed bathroom accessories and/or a shower curtain. These little additions can go a long way to livening up the space.

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