This is not your everyday New Year’s resolution list. We’re not going to be talking about trimming inches. We’re going to talk about finding inches, maximizing areas, and pushing the limits. This is the New Year’s resolution list of your dreams – one that’s fully attainable. 

Enter, the New Year’s resolutions list for your bathroom.

1. Get Bigger

Well…maybe not bigger precisely. Because a home addition is a pretty large undertaking. But in 2018, discover just how much space your bathroom really has. Maximize every square inch with clever storage hacks.

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2. Brighten Up

Nothing can brighten up your day quite like light. While you can’t control how much sun Mother Nature throws your way, you can control how much light there is in your bathroom. One of the keys to creating good bathroom lighting is to layer your light. This year, update your bathroom’s lighting by illuminating the space from multiple different sources.

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3. Sing More

Research shows singing boosts your mood and can even improve your health! So go ahead. Embrace your inner superstar. Turn the shower into your own personal practice studio. Just be sure to provide a little backup.

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4. Save a Little (or a LOT!)

Make 2018 the year you start saving water. Not only is this good for Mother Nature, it’s good for your pocketbook! Two simple updates are low flow toilets and low flow showerheads which deliver the same functional purpose while using less water.

5. Read More

Like singing, reading can boost your mood. It can also improve your mental health and improve your IQ. Whether you make time to read sitting on the throne or lounging in a bubble bath, make this the year you read more.

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