Have you been thinking and dreaming about a bathroom remodel for some time now? It’s not uncommon. And, the more your dream about a luxurious update, the more you’re probably noticing things in your bathroom you wish you could change.

How then do you know it it’s actually time to pull the trigger? Generally speaking, the following five signs are a good indicator that it’s time to make an update:

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Your lifestyle may have changed for a variety of reasons. You got married and now have another person to consider. Your last baby went to college and now you’re an empty nester. Perhaps you’re getting older (or a loved one is) and it’s harder to move around. Different lifestyles require different needs and it might be that an update will give you the additional function to make your life easier.

Your Bathroom Needs Some TLC

Has your bathroom seen better days? Are the fixtures worn? Is the flooring beginning to show its age? Does the shower need to be re-sealed? Over time all of these elements can wear.

You’re Constantly Battling Clutter

Does it feel like there’s nowhere to put your stuff? This can make your bathroom extremely cluttered. Sometimes your bathroom needs an update just to give you more storage!

Your Bathroom is Dark and Gloomy

While lighting is an essential element in the bathroom, it can often be overlooked during the design and build phase. This can not only make your bathroom seem dark and gloomy, but it can be a safety concern.

Your Bathroom Doesn’t Meet Your Style

Do you look around your bathroom and think, “This just isn’t me?” Whether it didn’t quite meet your style when you moved in or you’ve changed, upgrading your bathroom can be a great way to breathe new life into the space.

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your bathroom is by redoing the shower. Talk to a Bath Fitter expert today about how our one-day install can make this process easy and affordable.