Whether it’s your best friend from college and her new baby or your Aunt Martha from Tennessee, making your guests feel welcome can go a long way in making your time together a success. 

Ask About Any Health Issues

Depending on how well you know your visitors, this may be a non-issue. But don’t be afraid to call and ask about any health issues your visitors have. Are they allergic to anything? Do they have specific dietary needs? Is there anything they would like you to have on hand, such as a favorite drink or snack?

Prep Before They Arrive

A few ways before your guests arrive, make sure you know where they are staying. Clean their space. This means removing clutter, so they have room to place their stuff. If possible, clean out a drawer and some room in a closet. Wash the linens and towels they will be using.

Don’t Overlook the Bathroom

As you prep their space, don’t forget they’ll need to use the bathroom. Make sure there is extra toilet set out in an obvious place. You may also consider having an extra toothbrush and razor on hand.

Share House ‘Secrets’ and/or Rules

Does the front door stick a little? Does the TV require more than one remote? Do you prefer people use coasters? None of these items are a huge hardship. However, if you aren’t clear and upfront about them, they can lead to either animosity or frustration.

Show Them Where Things Are

Don’t just say hello and point at their room. Take the time to walk them through the house. Try to casually share your typical routine. This can give them an idea of how the house runs. Show them the space you’ve made for them in the bedroom. Show them where the snacks and drinks are, so they can help themselves.

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