Make no mistake about it, bathrooms can be tricky places. How do you decorate them? What’s the proper way to clean them. What to do you store in them? The truth is — there’s no perfect solution. It ultimately comes down to what works for you.

But one thing’s for certain, clutter can quickly take over your space. This is especially true when your bathroom is cluttered with items that really don’t belong.

  • Expired medication. Those dates aren’t just there as a suggestion. When medication expires, it can lose its effectiveness. Or worse, it can cause an unintended reaction and actually become dangerous.
  • Expired toiletries. Like your medication, toiletries expire. Everything from lotions and toothpaste has an expiration date. One of the toiletries to pay the most attention to is sunscreen. It significantly loses its effectiveness after the expiration date.
  • Samples you’ve never used. Have a bucket full of hotel samples and special giveaways you’re just holding onto for a rainy day? Any of those little testers you’ve had for more than a year can go. They are just taking up valuable space.
  • Old toothbrushes. Holding onto all your old toothbrushes for cleaning? Don’t. You only need one. Toss all the extras.
  • Old whitening kits. Did you intend to give your pearly whites a freshening, but never got around to it? Toss that kit you bought. They lose their effectiveness over time.
  • Makeup brushes with loose hairs. Have some random makeup brushes in your kit that you never really use because the loose hairs always end up on your face? Toss them! There’s no reason to hold on to tools that don’t do their job.
  • Tools you never use. Like your makeup brushes, are you holding onto curlers and curling irons you never use? Whether they were a gift or an impulse purchase you planned to try, if you aren’t using them they are just taking up space. There’s no reason to hold onto them.

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