A tool for every job can lead to a very full tool drawer. Or in this case, bathroom. If you’re looking to free up space, consider letting some of the items on which you depend do double duty. Luckily, a lot of items can be repurposed, allowing them to do double duty.

Defog the Mirror with the Hair Dryer: Don’t just assume hair dryers are only for your hair. That warm air can also defog your mirror after a steamy shower.

Resize Your Shoes with Cotton Balls: Our feet change over time, sometimes getting bigger and sometimes smaller. If you find a pair of shoes is just a touch too big, try slipping a few cotton balls into the toe area to keep your foot from sliding around.

Use Conditioner as Shaving Cream: Want to free up some space in the shower? Ditch the shaving cream. Use conditioner instead, which can help smooth your skin and hair, allowing you to get a smooth shave.

Use Your Oven Mitt as a Heat Guard: Need to curl or straighten your hair right before leaving, but want to take your tools with you? Store your tools safely, by slipping your curling iron and/or straightener into an oven mitt.

Secure Your Towel with a Hair Clip: Tired of your towel slipping while you’re in the locker room? Use a hair clip to hold your towel in place.

Leave Notes on a Your Mirror: Have a to-do you don’t want to forget? Leave a note for yourself on your mirror with a dry-erase marker. The note can quickly and easily be erased, as needed.

Use a Saucer as Soap Dish: Tired of soap scum getting all over your bathroom counter? Snag a saucer from the kitchen and use it as a soap dish.

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