7 Ways to Make Your Home More Green

Love Mother Nature? We do too! That’s why as a company, we’re committed to being environmentally friendly. Our unique approach to tub design and installation, means we don’t demolish old tubs, sending excess material to landfills. Rather, we install over them, allowing you to capitalize on the existing structure, while achieving a luxury upgrade.

Furthermore, our manufacturing facilities use recycled water. We use non-toxic installation materials. Our facilities recycle all scrap acrylic. And, our products are shipped using 75% fewer packing materials – meaning less junk ends up in landfills.

At home, we can all make decisions to be more environmentally conscious. The following tips can help you be more green at home and often save a little money in the process. Talk about a win-win!

Try Regulating Your Body Temp with Clothes Rather Than Your HVAC

Love to be warm and toasty during the winter and nice and cool during the summer? The more you try and counterbalance Mother Nature’s natural temperature within your home, the harder your HVAC system has to work. This causes your home to consume more energy. It also means a bigger monthly energy bill.
Rather than crank your AC or blast the heat, try regulating your body temp with clothes. Skip the short and t-shirt during the winter. Instead, wear long pants. Slip on some slippers. And, go for the long-sleeve shirt. During the summer, stick to tanks and sandals. Try turning on a fan.
Another good solution is to close the shades in the afternoon. This can help keep the cool air in and warm air out during the summer. During the winter, practice a similar principle at night. Close the blinds to keep the warm air in and the cool air out.

Adopt the Home Office Mantra ‘Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.’

While it’s not always possible to work from home, when you can, it naturally cuts down on your carbon footprint. ‘Trekking’ to the office down the hall is certainly a lot more environmentally-friendly than slogging through Seattle’s rush hour traffic. However, home offices have a tendency to gobble up consumer goods, such as paper and pens.

When possible, practicing the ‘Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.’ mantra can help you keep your consumption and expenses to a minimum. For example, instead of buying notepads, try using the back of old paper to write ideas down.

Turn Off the Water When Brushing Your Teeth

Are you a double-day brusher? That’s great. Your dentist and your teeth thank you. But be sure to turn off the water while you’re scrubbing your pearly whites. Running the water while you brush your teeth could waste up to 200 gallons a week for a family of four! Which, it yet another drain Mother Nature and your pocketbook.

Turn off the Lights

Is there someone in your household who can’t seem to turn the lights off when they leave the room? This can place a substantial strain on your electricity bill. Beyond turning off lights which aren’t being used, you might also consider replacing old light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs. These use substantially less electricity to produce the same amount of light.

Limit the Need to Clean

Cleaning is rarely a task folks love. Especially cleaning the bathroom. Did you know that Mother Nature isn’t too fond of cleaning either? Many of the household cleaning products – even many of the ones labeled as ‘all natural’ – can be hard on the ecosystem. By making decisions, such as using a one-piece toilet or a seamless shower can help you reduce the frequency with which you clean. Discover our favorite tips for creating an easy to clean (read clean less frequently) bathroom.

Use Reusable Containers

Automatically reach for plastic bags to hold your sandwich, carrots or leftovers? Try using a reusable container instead. Not only does this mean you won’t have to buy all those bags, but it means you won’t be sending all those bags to landfill eventually. This is just another simple win-win for you and the earth.

Unplug Large Appliances When not in Use

Going on vacation? WOO HOO!! You deserve a break. Give your appliances a break too. Unplug major items like your washer, dryer, and toaster oven. Anything plugged in draws on your electricity, whether it’s in use or not. So power down those babies and give them a rest.
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