Wish your bathroom was bigger? Who doesn’t! Whether you are wishing there was more storage or you simply would like to have a more spa-like feel, opening up your bathroom visually can help improve your daily routine. Afterall, the bathroom is where most of us begin and end our day. It should be a space that we enjoy — one that revitalizes us.

While most of us aren’t up for a costly home addition, it can be possible to make our bathroom’s appear bigger and be more functional — no matter the size. The following tips can help you expand the visual real estate of your bathroom, cut down on clutter and incorporate more storage. And the best news is, none of them require tons of specialized expertise to incorporate!

Use the Power of Optical Illusions

Mirrors of any sort can help your space feel bigger. But a long-paneled mirror, in particular, can make a huge impact. By placing long-paneled mirrors on adjoining walls, you can give reflect the space upon itself, giving the eye even more to look at.

Float Your Shelves

Storage is an issue in nearly every bathroom — no matter the size. But it’s of particular importance in a small bathroom. A large shelving unit can be a good solution, except it can take up a large piece of precious floor real estate. And, the pure size of it can make your bathroom feel smaller.

Floating shelves offer the perfect balance of additional storage without giving up costly real estate. And as an added bonus, they claim less visual real estate, allowing the eye to see the full breadth of the bathroom.

Get even more tips about how to use floating shelves to make your bathroom into a space you love.

Make Every the Fixtures Count

The smaller your space, the more ‘weight’ every detail has. Which means you want to make even the fixture count. Sleek, modern fixtures can offer function and beauty, helping you bring beauty in the everyday.

Consider Adding a Statement Piece

When you are dealing with a small space, less is more. That being said, adding a single statement piece can really make the room pop. You want something that will draw they eye and can easily be coordinated with the rest of you are the must-have elements of your bathroom.

Add a Splash

It may be that a statement piece, even something as non-intrusive as an overhead chandelier, just isn’t in the cards for you. That is okay. You can still add a pop of unexpected fun and personality. Consider painting a small mural on one of your accent walls. This is a quick way to add a refreshing touch to your bathroom.

Keep the Color Scheme Neutral and Bright

One of the quickest ways to make a small space feel even smaller is to overwhelm it with color, especially a dark color. Instead, try and stick to bright neutral tones and textures. Not only will this help your space look bigger, it allows you to ‘change things up’ which just simple décor swaps — such as a colorful flower arrangement.

Keep Your ‘Messes’ Contained

Have you ever noticed that toiletries have a mind of their own? Suddenly the daily make-up routine or shaving kit can turn into a cluttered disaster on your not-so-big countertop. This can make your space feel even smaller.

Instead of letting your toiletries or other items rule the day, keep them contained in cute and stylish baskets.

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