8 Bathroom Hacks for the New Year

Have you ever thought to yourself, “They just don’t make furniture like they used to”?

If you have, you are not alone. Today’s “modern conveniences” aren’t always so convenient. Sometimes, they are downright frustrating. Fortunately, with a little ingenuity you can up cycle old furniture and repurpose home supplies for a bathroom upgrade.

Many of these suggestions are do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Some are simply looking at a modern day product in a new light. Each is fun. Each is relatively simple. And, each can be done without breaking the bank.

So as you get ready to start the year off with a fresh new look, consider these furniture hacks. They are some of our favorites! 

Frame Your Mirror

The best bathrooms combine design and functionality. Adding a frame to your basic mirror transforms this everyday necessity into a thing of beauty. Plus, it is an easy way to quickly give your bathroom’s vanity a facelift.

Measure your mirror and then visit your local hardware store. There, you will be able to select a molding you like. To simplify things, ask your friendly hardware store employee to cut the molding to fit your mirror’s dimensions.

Paint the sections your desired color. (To keep things simple, consider painting it the same as your bathroom’s trim. Or mix things up and paint it with a bright accent color.)

Glue the sections together. Then, mount the frame around your mirror.


Create Extra Towel Storage

Most of us live with roommates – even if they come in the form of partners and children. Because each person bathes (hopefully), each person needs their own towel. Sometimes, finding a spot to hang everyone’s towel can be difficult.

To maximize your hanging storage, add a row of coat hooks to your bathroom. You could make your own row of coat hooks if you’d like. However, this is an item you can often find at your local secondhand store or inexpensively on Amazon.


Use Magnets to Securely Store Your Bobby Pins

You don’t need bobby pins all the time. We get it. But when you need them, you need them! Keeping track of those little suckers can be a headache. They are so easy to misplace and lose.

Luckily, they are also magnetic. Mount a magnet on the inside of a cabinet door and then simply stick your bobby pins to it. You will never have to go bobby pin hunting again!


Hang a Bookshelf Over Your Door

The space over a bathroom door is one of the most underutilized spaces. And yet, we all pay for the few feet of unused space. Rather than let that precious storage space go to waste, hang a bookshelf over your door. Then, use it to store everything from extra toilet paper and towels to soap and the curlers you use once a year.


Repurpose Your Plate Rack for Extra Counter Space

Installing a larger counter isn’t always an option. Luckily, going up typically is. A tiered plate rack is a decorative way to create more vertical storage. It can be used to hold everything from toothbrushes and toothpaste to ponytail holders and hairbrushes.


Install Pullout Drawers

Often bathrooms are equipped with cabinets. While the look lovely, they have a tendency to create a dark pit of useless storage space at the back. By installing pullout drawers in your cabinets, you’ll be able to access the depths of your storage space without digging through your more frequently used items.


Utilize Your Sink as an Amplifier

Love music? We do too. Listening to our favorite tunes while we are in the shower or getting ready for work in the morning is one of our favorite pick-me-ups. While you could definitely invest in a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, those can be a bit pricy. Instead, use your sink as an amplifier (when it’s try). Place your phone in your sink, turn on your tunes, and enjoy!


Move Your Wine Rack

It’s lovely to fill your wine rack with a few choice bottles, but sometimes it seems that rack just doesn’t get used all that much. Instead, move it to the bathroom and use to it hold your hair products like hairspray, hair gel and face lotion.


Add a Lazy Susan

Use a Lazy Susan to make items at the back of your cupboard easier to grab.


Have a bathroom furniture hack you love? We’d love to hear about. Drop by one of our two locations and share the inside scoop.