9 Seattle Excursions Worthy of a Shower

Summer is here. While the Pacific Northwest is not supposed to be as warm as last year’s record-breaking temps, the weather folks are predicting quite a few bright and sunny days. Around here, we can’t wait to take advantage of them. We also plan to revel in the occasional cold spell.

Why? Because summer is about playing hard, getting clean, and then playing again. That’s why we’ve compiled nine of our favorite local excursions worth of a shower. 

iFly Seattle

You might, understandably, not be quite ready to jump from a perfectly good airplane. We get it. You’re not alone. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the thrill of skydiving. iFly Seattle is located just 20 minutes outside of Seattle’s downtown core. This indoor skydiving facility lets you experience the magic of flying without the need to plummet toward the earth. You will be outfitted in a jumpsuit and helmet. iFly’s experts will demonstrate how giant fans suspend a body midair. Then, they will assist you as you ‘fly.’


St. Edward State Park

Located at the north end of Lake Washington, this 316-acre day-use park is often overlooked by locals and tourists alike. For you, this is the ultimate score. The park features 3,000 feet of uncrowded freshwater shoreline, leafy trails, and a large collection of grassy picnic spots. Our favorite trail is the 6-mile North trail that cuts through 80-year-old cedars.

Seaplanes, from the nearby Kenmore Air Harbor seaplane base, can frequently be seen landing and taking off. If you’re not up for packing a lunch, the University commons features a menu packed with local and organically sourced goodies.


Flaming Geyser State Park

While you’ll probably want to check out the flaming geyser – it is the park’s namesake after all – it’s the Green River that will really grab your attention. It twists and turns through the park’s 480-acre footprint. You’ll find lush valleys, wood trails, and steep cliffs. The water’s shoreline is mostly rocky but does include the occasional sandy beach. During the summer, it is a popular rafting spot. And, near the park’s entrance, you’ll find a large area for flying remote-controlled model airplanes.



Known as Washington’s little German town, Leavenworth is tucked into the Cascade Mountain foothills. Here you’ll find charbroiled Bavarian sausages and sauerkraut galore. Bars feature craft beers. Hiking trails abound. And, floating the river is a favorite pastime for locals and visitors alike.


Snoqualmie Falls

The Snoqualmie region is home to a wide variety of hikes with stunning vistas, old growth forests, and lush valleys. However, the Snoqualmie Falls is the star attraction. At 268-feet-tall, the rushing water captivates visitors from around the world.

When should you visit? Anytime you want. Sunny days are often a favorite for many folks. However, a true Pacific Northwest storm transforms the falls from beautiful to dramatically breathtaking.

While you can enjoy the view from the observation deck, the short half-mile ‘hike’ to the base is the real treat. Stand in the spray and listen to the water thunder. This is a true example of Mother Nature’s power.


Cama Beach State Park

Want to catch your own shellfish dinner? Cama Beach State Park offers some of the best crabbing around. Set your crab pots and then work up an appetite hiking through the park’s 15 miles of trails.


La Conner

Located in the Skagit Valley, the historic town of La Conner is set among rich and scenic farmland. It’s home to a plethora of galleries and quaint shops. Restaurants feature a collection of locally-sourced, organic menus. And, a waterfront boardwalk was added just a few years ago.



Sure, Twilight fans may go here to daydream about Bella and Edward, but the beauty of forks isn’t relegated just to the books and films. This cute little town is surrounded by exceptional scenery.


Ocean City State Park 

Bird watching lovers go gaga over Ocean City State Park. This 170-acre park offers year-round camping among the shore pine thickets. You will find grassy dunes, long expanses of beach, and stunning vistas. If body surfing is your thing, just 14 miles to the south, you’ll find Ocean Shores. (Ocean Shores also features horseback riding on the beach and a collection of restaurants featuring locally-sourced seafood.)

What did you think of our excursions worth of a shower? Looking for a few more fun things to do? We have you covered.