Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all had guest bedrooms? Reality is, for most of us, all our bedrooms are already claimed on a daily basis. It’ simply not possible to offer a true guest bedroom when friends and family come to visit. 

But, just because your guests can’t shut their own door doesn’t mean they have to feel like their camping out. With the right tips, you can help your visitors feel — almost — as comfortable as if they’d cashed in for a hotel.

Determine Where & How They’re Sleeping. Then Give it a Test Sleep.

Will your guests be sleeping on a sofa? Do you have a murphy bed? Will you be blowing up an air mattress. Make sure you know — in advance — where they will be sleeping. And, make sure it fits! Then, give that temporary bed a test sleep. Is it something you’d be okay sleeping on?

Make Sure They Have Access to an Outlet Near the Bed

In today’s tech-driven age, our gadget can feel a bit like our lifeline. Nothing is more frustrating (whether you’re staying at a hotel or a friend’s house) than being forced to plug your phone in on the other side of the room. Worse yet is leaving it in another room to charge! If push comes to shove, run an extension cord to the corner of their bed so they have easy access.

Give Them Light

Lights are about safety and comfort. Your guests don’t know their way around your home as you do. They’re likely to trip and stumble in the dark. Also, it’s likely that they will want to wind down at the end of the night by reading of simply taking stock of their surroundings. A lamp near the bed can go a long way to make them feel comfortable.

Provide a Good Pillow

We can’t stress this enough. Sure, you might not be able to provide a Tempur-Pedic Sleep Number Bed. But, a great pillow can go a long way to making the night’s rest more enjoyable. On that note, make sure you also provide plenty of blankets. You don’t know what temperature your guests normally sleep at and the last thing you’ll want is them waking up cold with nothing to cover up.

Give Them Space for Their Stuff

While your guests will probably be more than gracious about not having a bedroom, everyone appreciates a little space that’s theirs. This is especially true when they are traveling. This could be as simple as a luggage rack where they could put their suitcase. Even better is if you can clear out some space in a closet.

Know How to Put the Bed Away (if it needs to be put away)

Depending on the layout of your home, leaving their bed out throughout the day might not be a practical option. If it needs to be put away each morning, make sure you are familiar with the process and have a dedicated space to store the bed and bedding.

Make Room in the Bathroom

Your guests are going to need to use the bathroom. Make sure they have space to place their toiletries on the vanity. Put out fresh towels for them. Leave a stash of extra toilet paper in an obvious spot. You might also show them where the shampoo, soap, and toothpaste are located, in case they forgot theirs.

Anticipate Their Needs

Take a few minutes to consider what makes you feel at home and what things you rely on. Chances are your guests will like to have access to the WiFi. Write down the username and password on a card and place it in an easy to find location. Do your guests love coffee? Show them where the coffee is located and how to use the coffee machine. Do you think your guests might need to do a load of laundry? Show them where the laundry machine and soap are located. Also, if there are any strange quirks about your home, such a door that sticks or a light that needs to be turned on just so, tell them as you show them around. This cuts down on stress moving forward.

Let Them Have Alone Time

While you want to make sure your guests feel welcome, spending every minute together can feel overwhelming. Let them have their privacy at times. This might mean retreating to your own room so they can have some downtime. Or, it could mean delaying your morning coffee so they can sleep in.