Never thought you’d hear the words cozy and bathroom in the same sentence? Well, think again. It’s possible to make your bathroom a cozy space that’s warm, welcoming, and inspiring.

Use some (or all) of the following tips to give your bathroom all the warm and fuzzies you could want.

Treat Yourself to a Plush Bathmat

When it comes to making your bathroom cozy, you want to start from the ground up with a plush bathmat. An ultra-soft bathmat treats your toes to a luxurious and warm treat after each shower.

Find a Shower Curtain that Makes You Smile

Because shower curtains take up such a large swatch of wall real estate, they can easily become a focal point of your bathroom. And, they are a relatively low-cost bathroom accessory. So when they wear out or you are ready for a new look, you can replace them for a relatively low-cost.

Get Towels that are Cute and Cozy

When it comes to being cozy, you need to please all your senses — including touch and sight. Take the time to select towels that are beautiful and soft so that when you wrap up and dray off you’ll be surrounded by something that fills you with joy.

Give Your Stuff Space

Clutter is a quick way to take any space from cozy to overwhelming. One of the best ways to fight clutter is to give each item a home. In the bathroom you can do this by adding plenty of shelves. We’re big fans of floating shelves which add storage space without visually consuming a wall.

Add Some Plants

Another good way to make your space cozy is with something that adds life in your bathroom. And nothing adds life faster than literal life — like plants. Hanging plants can be a good way to add some greenery without taking up precious space. You might also consider a small succulent arrangement on your counter.

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