As a nation, we are spending more time at home than ever before. And while many of us may love the freedom to spend all day lounging in our sweatpants and bathing whenever we want, there is a good chance you are also becoming acutely aware of how organized (ahem…disorganized) your house is.

Even if you lovingly choose each and every piece in your home, it might be that you set yourself up for a clutter failure. Decor, furniture, and even storage play a major role in how a space functions. Is it efficient? Is it designed to meet your needs? Does it give you adequate room to relax?

Luckily, you don’t have to simply muddle away at trying to make your home more organized. As you make updates, make sure to avoid these common mistakes. After all, why re-role the unorganized wheel?

Installing a Pedestal Sink in the Bathroom

Pedestal skins are sleek. Pedestal sinks cave tons of space. Pedestal sinks are WILDLY impractical for an everyday bathroom.

If don’t have a vanity, visible clutter is likely to be your constant companion. Even if you neatly ‘put away’ all your toiletries, where are they to go? On the floor? Beside the toilet? (Gross!) In the shower? (Not convenient!)

If space is at a premium, consider a narrow vanity with drawers and a small cabinet. This offers substantially more organization opportunities than a pedestal sink, without taking up a major footprint.

Can’t bring yourself to part with your pedestal? Consider mounting floating shelves beneath. You can place baskets to keep all your toiletries contained, while still maintaining the open look.

Tables with No Storage

Love your glass coffee table for its minimalistic look? Can’t get enough of your tall, narrow end table with its long legs? These items work extremely well for highlighting key pieces of art of family heirlooms. They aren’t so great at helping you store things.

If you pay attention, these types of tables quickly become junk desks where shoes, keys, and jackets frequently accumulate.

If you really must keep all your storage-less tables, reserve them for the living room dining room. In high-traffic areas, opt instead for furniture that has cabinets and/or drawers to.

Glass Doors on Cabinets

Glass doors on cabinets look amazing in magazines. In real life, they can be a challenge. Unless you can truly regulate them to just display-worthy items that you keep to a minimum, they will become an eyesore.

Plus, they can quickly show fingerprints and cooking oils — forcing you to clean them more frequently if you want them to look nice.

Open Shelves

Like glass doors, open shelves are stunning in theory. In practice, they show every little out of place item. Miss-matched coffee mugs can quickly become a cluttered mess. Odds and ends of pantry staples can quickly run amuck.

If you really love the open shelving concept, consider limiting yourself to just one set of open shelves. This way you can focus on keeping them a beautiful sight, while containing the daily mess of living behind a cabinet door.

Too Many Windows

Let’s be honest, everyone dreams an open, light-filled home. But the problem with too many windows is there is not enough space to put furniture. And without furniture, there’s no place to put your stuff.

This can be troublesome in every room of the house, from the bathroom and kitchen to the living space and your bedroom. So before you bring in a contractor to create a massive new window in your great room, think about where you are going to put the hutch that is holding your china. All your table linens. All your wine glasses.

Not Being Honest About Where Items in Your Home Actually Live

We saved the best of last. This one isn’t addressed very often, but it is oh so real. Where you think an item should live and where it actually lives are often two very different places. Don’t try and force your home into a place that you wish it would be. Rather, make it a place that works for you.

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