Last week we covered 10 of our favorite ways to turn a battle to bathe into a reason to party. But why stop there? We say, let the good times keep soaking… 

Glow Bath

Stop by your favorite dollar store and pick up some glow sticks. All you have to do is drop them in the bathtub, turn down the lights, and watch as your child gets their glow on. (This tip can easily be paired with the glow in the dark constellation game from earlier this week.)

Singing Party

Grab a stereo. Turn on your kid’s favorite tunes. And then have a singing party. Songs from The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo can be really good water-themed songs.

Embrace Their Inner Artist

There are few things quite like puff paint. It is colorful. It is puffy. And, it is so fun you might want to join in on the painting. Plus, it is easy to make. All you need is grated soap, dye and hot water. Chalk in My Pocket provides the simple tutorial, which streamlines the process by using a food processor. Plus, with a seamless bathtub, cleanup is as simple as rinsing down the walls!

Create an Ocean Oasis

Whether your child is studying the ocean or is just passionate about all things under the sea, turning the bathtub into an ocean oasis can help broaden their horizons. This could include adding sea creatures (think plastic dolphins, crabs, and octopus). You may want to make mini-glaciers (aka larger ice cubes). You may consider sponge fish or a few underwater action figures, like Aquaman!

Looking for even more fun ways to make your bathroom kid-friendly? We have you covered. From updates you and your family will like, even after your kids grow up to how to help them take ownership of their own space, we’ve covered it all.

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