Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fans are essential because they help vent moisture, odor and fumes from inside your bathroom to the outside of your home.

That is the simple answer. Now let’s dive in a little further. 


Bathroom Fans are Needed in Every Bathroom

By their nature, bathrooms are closed off spaces. It is part of what makes them private. But all that privacy can trap everything inside, including the things you don’t want.

Even a small powder bathroom needs a fan. Intense smells are actually bacteria floating in the air. That bacteria will settle somewhere, within your bathroom if you let it. A bathroom fan helps you move it out of your bathroom and out of your home.


Bathroom Fans Remove Moisture

Warm, damp air encourages mold to grow. Not only is living with mold unhealthy, it can be smelly! Bathroom fans help remove moisture and reduce the chance of mold.


Make Sure Your Fan Actually Vents Outdoors

Bathroom fans are intended to vent outside of your home. Unfortunately, sometimes when they are installed, they simply vent into the ceiling above. This causes the same issues in your ceiling or attic, as you would experience in your bathroom without a fan. Except, you might not know it is happening until the problem becomes very expensive to repair.


Bathroom Fans Can Help Muffle Noises

Sometimes our trips to the bathroom aren’t so quiet. If you have a bathroom located in a high traffic area of your home, you might consider installing a bathroom fan that produces a tad bit more noise. This can help muffle any sounds that might be made inside.


Bathroom Fans are Best Placed Above or Near Showers

If you’re installing a bathroom fan in a bathroom with a shower, you’ll want to place it above or near the shower. The shower produced the most moisture, which will need to be sucked from the room as quickly as possible.


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