Do you love to surf Pinterest and home design websites dreaming of your perfect bathroom update? Who doesn’t! But, when it comes to deciding which update you’ll actually enjoy and which ones will end up being a waste of money, it can be maddening.

The following are some of the choices which homeowners love the most and get the most use out of.

Curbless Walk-in Shower

Curbless showers offer numerous advantages. First off, they’re incredibly safe. This is especially true for those who have low mobility, such as elderly individuals or those with an injury.
Curbless showers are also stylish. They make your bathroom appear as big as possible visually because they limit the number of barriers your eyes encounter.

Furthermore, they allow you to take full advantage of your space. Unlike a clunky tub which consumes a good square footage of your bathroom, a curbless shower gives you access to all that extra space!

The thing to keep in mind about curbless showers is that they need to be constructed so the water drains appropriately. Our semi-custom curbless shower inserts a crafted based on your existing footprint and utilizing your existing drain so that the water doesn’t escape while you’re bathing.

A Really Good Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are not likely something you’ve been pining over. They won’t automatically make your bathroom more beautiful. But they will keep your bathroom significantly cleaner (if you run them). A really good exhaust fan can help cut down the frequency with which you have to clean your bathroom and that’s a bathroom update you’ll love for years to come!

A Big Sink

An ultra-spacious his and her vanity can be nice, but not if it means two small sinks tucked into their own corners. Alternatively, one big sink means less splashing. It means more freedom to wash your face. And in the event you are ‘sharing’ for a time, it means more room for the two of you.

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