Bathroom Upgrades Made Easy

Feel like you want to update your bathroom? Are you not sure you’re willing to live through the headache or expense of a major remodel? Luckily, updating your space doesn’t have to take tons of time or money. These simple and affordable updates can each be completed in a day or less. 

Add a Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are a simple way to add beautiful texture to your walls and additional storage, without taking up precious floor space. You can add a single floating shelf or a series. Popular locations are next to your vanity mirror or above your toilet.

Clean (or Replace) Your Shower Curtain

Is your shower curtain looking a little worse for wear? You can wash it in your washing machine! Is it beyond hope? The good news is, shower curtains are a relatively affordable item to replace. Pop down to your favorite home goods store and find a new one!

Replace Your Bathroom Faucet

Does it feel like the sink is looking sad? Like all things, hardware wears out over time. If your bathroom faucet has seen better days, replacing it can instantly liven up your vanity.

Make Your Mirror do Double Duty

A mirror is a precious thing in the bathroom. However, a standard mirror just hangs there and only serves one purpose. By replacing your mirror with a medicine cabinet that has a mirror on the face, you get a fabulous two-for-one – storage and reflection!

Replace Your Shower

Is your shower making you question how clean you are really getting when you bathe? Over time, seams can begin to breakdown and accumulate mold. (Gross!) Replace your old shower with a new, seamless shower that is easy to keep clean and doesn’t have seams that fail.

Ready to replace your shower? Schedule a consultation with a Bath Fitter design specialist today. 

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