Feel like your tub is too confining? You are not alone. Spacious showers are one of the number one desires of homeowners and homebuyers. Luckily, converting your tub to a shower is easy and it offers a myriad of benefits. 

A Tub to Shower Conversion Promotes Aging in Place

Whether you are recovering from an injury or your mobility is reduced due to old age, the high walls of a tub make it harder to access. Showers significantly reduce this barrier, making it easier to enter and exit the space safely. This simple update makes it easier to age in the comfort of your own home. 

Converting Your Tub to a Shower Gives You Additional Space

Tubs, by nature, are big and clunky. They take up extra space inside and out of the bath. Replacing them with a shower, greatly reduces the footprint, giving you more room to spread out and maneuver. 

Replacing Your Tub with a Shower Maximizes Your Visual Space

Because you are reducing the physical footprint and the visual barrier from in front of the shower, a tub to shower conversion instantly allows you to see more of your bathroom from any vantage point. This helps you maximize your visual square footage, so your bathroom looks as big as possible. 

Updating Your Tub to a Shower Creates a Spa-Life Feel

One of the beauties of a spa is how spacious and relaxing it is. But when your bathroom is consumed by a big clunk tub, you don’t get that same clutter-free vibe. Replacing it with a shower, can help cut down o the visual clutter, allowing your mind and body to relax peacefully. 

Makes it Easier to Bathe Your Pup

This might not apply to everyone, but if you have a dog at home, bathing them in the shower can be substantially easier than a tub. 

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