Best Bathroom Candles

Few things are more soothing than burning a beautifully scented candle. These are some of our favorites.

Boulangerie Jar

Sold exclusively by Anthropology, the Boulangerie Jar candles are so well-loved they’ve earned a cult following. Particularly delightful is the Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon, which makes a welcome year-round addition to any home. However, the entire line doesn’t disappoint

Capri Blue

Looking to enjoy the Anthro scent you love, but want to save some cash? The Capri Blue’s Volcano scent offers a fragrance you’ll recognize and love.

Teakwood & Tobacco

PF Candle Co.’s entire collection of fragrances are enough to make you swoon. Their Teakwood & Tobacco scent, in particular, is soothing and delightful.

Kings County Distillery

Love a good cocktail? Joya Studio’s Kings County Distillery smells like the smoothest glass of bourbon you’ve ever had.


A new candle line, Kintsugi Candle Co.’s Blossom Candle looks as beautiful as it smells. In a mix of lavender and coconut, it the fragrance is like walking through a summer garden in an island paradise.

Santal 26

Made by Le Labo, the Santal 26 candle is a gentle sandalwood scent that comes in an unpretentious ceramic container. Rumored to be Beyonce’s favorite candle, it’ll make your room smell fresh, without overwhelming the space. It can also be made with custom labels, which is great if you’re looking for a personalized gift. And, you can get the fragrance in a diffuser oil and a scented notebook.


The Cyrnos candle is made by Cire Trudon, the famous and oldest French candle house. Their Cyros scent brings a Mediterranean citrusy scent. The black jar with its golden decal is elegant, in keeping with the high price point. It’s so pretty, you’re likely to want to reuse the bar once you’ve burnt the candle. 

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