Generally speaking, bathrooms aren’t that big. In fact, they can often be on the small side. And while you don’t want to break the bank outfitting every square inch of your precious hone spa with nick-nacks, a few key accessories can help you maximize the space and you’re enjoyment.

The following budget-friendly accessories offer fabulous storage solutions and luxurious upgrades to even the smallest of bathrooms.

Organize It All Chrome Glass Bathroom Shelf

This glass shelf offers a simple way to corral small items you use on a daily basis. It can be installed right under your mirror. And because it’s made of glass, it creates less of a visual barrier — allowing you to maximize your space.

Yamazaki Home Tower Bath Rack

This could go down in history as the tinniest rolling cart ever. With two tiers, it offers lots of storage while taking up a very small footprint. And because it’s on wheels, it can easily be repositioned as needed. In most bathrooms it can even fit in the narrow space between the toilet and the wall.

Wood Handle Bathroom Caddy

While you might not want to return to dorm room living, there’s something to be said for the classic shower caddy you used in college. The functional design allows you to quickly and easily keep all your essentials in one place. And with the grownup version, you won’t feel silly storing it in your bedroom.

Over-The-Door 3-Tier Basket Storage

Ever noticed the space on the back of your doors is just there — unused? When you’re looking for someplace to stash extra towels and rolls of toilet paper, this can be infuriating. Luckily, over the-door-storage containers solve this. We particularly like this one because of its elegant wicker baskets that blend well with any decor.

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